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Kim Witten PhD

Coach, UX Researcher, Linguist

Kim has spent over four decades overthinking absolutely everything and has become an expert in analyzing behavior and communication.

With 20+ years of design experience, a PhD in Sociolinguistics and ACC-level certification with the International Coaching Federation, she helps overwhelmed creatives become Strategic Expert Thinkers™ in all that they do.

From career changers to change-makers, she’s supported people from all over the globe to master their mindset, build their resilience and feel more confident, so that they can create the life they really want and reach their high-impact potential.

From overthinking to deep thinking with Kim Witten

From overthinking to deep thinking with Kim Witten

April 27, 2023

#035 - Nirish Shakya talks to his coach Kim Witten PhD. Kim shares her journey from working in the design industry in San Francisco to pursuing a PhD in sociolinguistics in the UK. Kim shares her insights on how to turn over…