Season 2 Episode 5 - Neurodiversity is great for design and for business with Matthew Bellringer - is now available. Listen now.
A show about the human behind the human-centred designer

A show about the human behind the human-centred designer

Design Feeling is a new podcast and community platform aimed at design thinkers, people gatherers, dot connectors, technologists and creative problem solvers who want to increase their self-awareness, creative confidence and meaning.

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Recent Episodes

Neurodiversity is great for design and for business with Matthew Bellringer

Sept. 15, 2022

Creative innovation consultant, neurodiversity advocate and social entrepreneur, Matthew Bellringer, shares his personal story of being diagnosed with ADHD and autism only recently and his mission to help organisations embra…

Doing amazing work is just half the job - Trenton Moss

Sept. 1, 2022

#018 - As designers and problem solvers, we pride ourselves on our craft and hard skills. But those will only take you halfway. Beyond that, you’ll need people skills to really be an impactful designer. In this episode, I sp…

Solve problems that matter with Ben Pecotich

Aug. 18, 2022

#017 - Design can change the world but many of us designers work in jobs we hate, solving problems we don’t care about. In this episode, I speak with Ben Pecotich on solving problems that matter without compromising your own…

Building a mental health app with Courtney Carlsson

Aug. 5, 2022

#016 Councillors, therapy, meditation - Courtney Carlsson tried them all but what she needed was a structure to ask herself deliberate questions consistently to learn more about herself. Courtney is a CEO and Founder of the …

Design leadership for introverts with Tim Yeo

July 21, 2022

Design Director of IBM Consulting, Founder of the Quiet Achiever and proud introvert, Tim Yeo, shares his personal journey of being an introverted designer and design leader and how he’s now helping other introverts have bet…

Guest: Tim Yeo

End of Season 1 Recap: Learnings and Reflections

July 7, 2022

Host of the Design Feeling Podcast, Nirish Shakya, recaps the 12 guest interviews in Season 1 and shares his top learnings and reflections. He also gives a sneak peek of Season 2.

About the Host

Nirish Shakya Profile Photo

Nirish Shakya

UX designer, Educator and Coach, Nirish Shakya, is the founder and host of the Design Feeling Podcast. For the past 15 years, he has been helping organisations across the UK, Europe and the Asia-Pacific put their customers first and create impactful customer experiences by empowering organisations to increase their design thinking maturity.

He has been teaching UX, Design Thinking and Innovation for almost a decade at General Assembly, Jolt, UK Government, European Commission, corporates and startups.

He is currently focusing his energy on transforming individuals and teams into being more self-aware, creatively confident and purposeful problem-solvers.